Agreement Subject Matter


    Agreement subject matter refers to the grammatical agreement between a subject and its corresponding verb in a sentence. It is a crucial aspect of written communication that ensures clarity, accuracy, and consistency in writing.

    The basic rule of agreement subject matter is that a singular subject takes a singular verb, and a plural subject takes a plural verb. For example, “The cat drinks milk” (singular subject and verb) and “The cats drink milk” (plural subject and verb). However, this rule can become more complex when dealing with compound subjects, collective nouns, and indefinite pronouns.

    Compound subjects are two or more subjects joined by a conjunction (and, or, nor). The verb should agree with the subject closest to it. For example, “John and Mary are going to the mall” (plural subject and verb) and “John or Mary is going to the mall” (singular subject and verb).

    Collective nouns, such as team, committee, and family, are singular nouns that represent a group of individuals. The verb should agree with the collective noun as a singular entity. For example, “The committee agrees on the new policy” (singular subject and verb).

    Indefinite pronouns, such as anyone, somebody, and everyone, are singular or plural depending on the context of the sentence. If the pronoun refers to a singular person, the verb should be singular, and if it refers to multiple people, the verb should be plural. For example, “Someone is knocking on the door” (singular subject and verb) and “Some people are waiting in the lobby” (plural subject and verb).

    In addition to these rules, it is essential to identify and correct subject-verb disagreements that may arise due to intervening phrases, clauses, or prepositional phrases. It is also crucial to be consistent throughout the writing, ensuring that the subject and verb agree in all sentences and paragraphs.

    In conclusion, agreement subject matter is a crucial component of effective writing. Correcting and maintaining subject-verb agreement enhances the clarity, accuracy, and readability of a text. By understanding and applying the basic rules of subject-verb agreement, writers can effectively communicate their ideas to their audience.